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A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds.
If you're cold, Deoraj tea will warm you.
If you're too heated, Deoraj tea will cool you.
If you're depressed, Deoraj tea will cheer you.
If you're excited, Deoraj tea will calm you.

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Shrub Planting

A brand of tea brought from Assam & Darjeeling.

Blending & Flavouring

A tea plants propagate from seeds to cutting; Blending to flavoring are under our expertise.

"Let's Make Your Sip fresh And tasty!"

Certified Experts

Direct supply from grower to us with no any mediation.

Our Care

A single sip leads to freshness, else return back.

Why Choose Us

Wherever you're in your nation, we shall be happy to serve you our best products of beverage from it's origin of production.

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Who's managing our firm

Let real testimonials do the speaking! Client satisfaction is our priority.


Questions & Answers

Our is the Deoraj Tea Spot with it’s sole purpose to serve the beverages such as black tea, green tea & coffee keeping margin at bay and customer taste at the pinnacle . 

Our vendor is directly supplying Tea & Coffee to our stores in bulk. They are certified vendor as well as grower based in Assam which is the major producer of tea in India ,second largest in producer in the world after China,